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We are
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We are the Ad Fed of NEPA

We represent solopreneurs, educators, corporations, creative leaders, small businesses, nonprofits and students in the future-facing world of advertising. We’re not just talking about billboards or magazine ads… We’re talking about copywriting, videography, strategy, printing, public relations, education, development and design. We amplify who you are, why you do it, and the possibilities within you. We’re here to support you, mentor you, and stand with you. We are the American Advertising Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania (AAF NEPA).

And so are you.

AAF NEPA is part of a larger national network of nearly 200 local federations, representing 40,000 advertising professionals, located in communities across the country. There are currently more than 200 AAF college chapters with over 6,500 student members.

Local Federations

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AAF NEPA is looped in with several creative colleges and universities – all of whose students can benefit from mentorship, networking and a diverse creative community.


Whether you are a solopreneur or a creative leader ready to make an impact, you can benefit from getting involved in your greater arts and advertising community.


NEPA is a hotspot for small business creatives and agencies… And we all know the foundation of our businesses is connection. Join your fellow visionaries in solidifying NEPA as an innovative place where creatives want to be.


We work
at agencies at nonprofits from home as copywriters in UX building websites building businesses in PR to share stories in manufacturing to grow relationships to craft messages to generate leads and sales


Each year, we celebrate the best in our community through the American Advertising Awards, the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition. With three levels of competition – Local, District, and National – our community has the opportunity to spread its reach beyond our backyard.

The American Advertising Awards are an incredible opportunity to share your achievements with your colleagues and the greater NEPA community, gain industry recognition, as well as connect with your fellow peers.

While anyone in the AAF NEPA industry is welcome to submit their work or come to the ceremony, AAF NEPA members receive discounted rates.


Each month, we aim to provide educational seminars, networking opportunities, and co-working sessions.

But that’s not all. We quite literally support education. NEPA is a hub for major colleges and universities focused on advertising, marketing, and the arts. We seek to inspire students to get involved outside of the classroom and encourage real world experience through our club events, membership and internship opportunities with AAF NEPA members.


Sometimes we channel a little “Mean Girls” energy – we aren’t clique-y, but we’re part of a club. We’re tight-knit. And while we’re professional, we’re really into fun! We want to get to know our fellow creatives over a bite to eat, not just a work email. We want to learn together, share openly, and, in turn, grow together. And most of all – we know the friends and connections found through this organization are top notch.


In-person meetups, Slack channel conversations, in-person events – all spaces where you can connect with fellow creatives, strategists and businesses… Rub elbows, make friends, create collaborations, find contractors, or maybe even meet your next business partner!

Upcoming Events

We connect through
events our private Slack channel community mixers job boards speed-networking clients

Our Board of Directors

AAF NEPA is represented by our Board of Directors. Check out who’s involved. And PS — if becoming a Board Member might light your fire, get in touch!

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