The 2015 AAF NEPA Holiday, held at POSH at the Scranton Club, was able to provide art supplies to this year’s selected beneficiary, the EOTC, the Employment Opportunity & Training Center of Northeastern PA. It is a nonprofit that provides parent-child education and workforce services in the Lackawanna County area, focusing on promoting family stability and economic self-sufficiency.

The AAF NEPA was able to donate more than 20 boxes of crayons, dozens of color pencils, drawing pads, construction paper, color paper, tablets, and other art supplies. The EOTC’s Executive Director, Sharon McCrone, Ph.D. said, “Everything brand new – a real treat for many of the children in our EOTC programs – and adults, as well. Imagine their delight”.

McCrone also mentioned, “Our thanks to the AAF members, such a lively, generous group of talented, energetic young professionals”.


From Back Row L to R: Mikhail Taskaya, AAF NEPA PR Director; Donna Hansbury, AAF NEPA VP Finance; Peter Steve, AAF NEPA VP Marketing; Bill Corcoran, Jr., AAF NEPA Director; Jordan Semar, AAF NEPA Social Media Director; Joey Zarcone, AAF NEPA Director; Denise Davis-Schmitt, AAF NEPA Director; Christa Vinciguerra, AAF NEPA President; Jamie Hannigan, AAF NEPA Vice President; Samantha Runco, AAF NEPA VP Education; Chris Cosgrove, AAF NEPA Web Director; Kathryn Bondi, AAF NEPA VP Membership, Sharon McCrone, Ph. D., EOTC Executive Director; Ashley Pinto, AAF NEPA VP Events. (Not pictured: Lindsay Barrasse, AAF NEPA VP Secretary)