Cropped 2019:

Join A Team

We’re excited that you’re interested in CROPPED!

Please note, you can donate at the door on the night of the event.


A participant must sign up in advance and will be assigned to a team according to the participant’s areas of expertise. All participants are required to pay an admission fee in advance or at the door. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the non-profit organization.  All participants are encouraged to arrive early with doors opening at 6:00pm.  Participants must be checked-in by no later than 6:30pm for the event and must remain in attendance until final judging.  Winning team will be announced at 9:00pm. Teams will not be able to converse with members from the non-profit organization before event or during event except during presentation. AAF will provide each team with supplies and materials at Cropped. The winning team is responsible to work together outside the event to create final logo in all applicable formats, slogan and print ad to provide to the non-profit organization.  All winner pieces will become the property of the non-profit organization at no cost for time and material to the non-profit or to AAF.  However, if the non-profit shall choose to work with members of the winning team to use the proceeds from the event for additional support, the non-profit reserves the right to do so. Final work must be completed and submitted to AAF by Friday, December 6, 2019.  A representative from AAF will provide further instructions to the winning team.

The final work will be revealed publicly at the AAF Annual Holiday Party – DATE TBD. We hope to see you there!