AAF NEPA’s Holiday Party Proceeds to Benefit Marley’s Mission

Scranton, PA (November 13, 2013) – The Board of Directors for the Northeast Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), District Two, announces that it will be hosting its annual holiday party on Thursday, December 12th, 2013 at the Scranton Cultural Center from 6pm – 8pm. This year’s holiday party is sponsored by Cove Haven Resort and half of the event’s proceeds will be donated to Marley’s Mission, as a part of the AAF NEPA’s commitment to the community and creating awareness. Attendees will also be able to pick up their American Advertising Awards call for entry.

AAF members, along with student members, are free and a $10.00 donation is required of non-members. Student non-members are only $5.00. Complimentary drink, cash bar and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at www.aafnepa.org, or reservations can be made by emailing info@aafnepa.org.

“We really wanted to do something for the community with this year’s holiday party,” said Katrina Foster, President of AAF NEPA. “Each year, we have kept it as primarily an event for members, but this year we decided to work with an organization that truly makes a difference in the lives of others. This year, we wanted to focus on what the holidays really mean to folks and giving is just a small part of that.”

Marley’s Mission is a non-profit organization that provides equine-based therapy free of charge to children, and their families, who have experienced trauma. Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) has shown evidenced-based efficacy in patients who have experienced abuse and now suffer with depression, anxiety and other symptoms as a result of abuse. Research and observational findings have shown EAP yields a variety of psychotherapeutic benefits such as: confidence; self-efficacy; self-concept; communication; anxiety reduction, and most importantly… trust.

“Marley’s Mission, from its inception, was built upon the strong spirit of generosity and giving present in Northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Gene Talerico, Esq., President of Marley’s Mission. “We are honored to have the AAF stand with us as partners as we continue to heal . . . one child at a time”

The Northeast Pennsylvania American Advertising Federation is a part of the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association, and the only association representing all facets of the advertising industry, The American Advertising Federation (AAF). As a member of District Two, the organization works hard to stay true to the overall mission of the national group; to protect and promote the well-being of advertising. Regionally, the group pools their resources together to continue to challenge themselves, create opportunities and collaborate with one another, and with students, to keep the mission alive.

Their 15 board members, from all walks of the advertising industry, come together to create a platform for not only industry professionals, but also anyone interested in the field of advertising to learn, create and connect with one another. In doing so, they host a number of events, including their monthly 20 Minutes and a Beer series, their yearly holiday party, and of course, the American Advertising Awards (formerly known as the ADDY® Awards).

To become a member of AAF NEPA, visit www.aafnepa.org or send an email to info@aafnepa.org.

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