This November, the American Advertising Federation of NEPA is giving back in a big way. We want YOU to join us for a little friendly AAF competition. Sign up to participate or attend this LIVE competition to cheer on the teams.

Much like the Food Network show “Chopped,” four teams of local creatives will be assembled to compete against each other. A panel of 3 judges will be also be assembled, with at least one being a representative from the nonprofit. There will be three timed rounds for the competition: 1. Logo – 20 minutes, 2. Tagline/Copy writing (as applicable to the selected nonprofit) – 20 minutes, 3. Creative execution concept – 20 minutes. Teams will be given guidelines for each round, set by the nonprofit. (Example – Logo round: must include the colors blue and orange, shape of a ribbon, and the organization’s initials) At the end of each round, the teams will present their concepts. One team is eliminated by the panel of judges, or “cropped.”

After the final round, the winning team will work together outside the event to create real-life versions of the logo, tagline/copy, and execution (budget pending for execution), to be presented publicly a month later at our annual AAF Holiday Party. All proceeds from the event attendance will go toward the nonprofit, and/or facilitating their new campaign.

the THINK Center
7 South Main St.
Wilkes-Barre PA, 18701

Members $5
Non Member $10
Student Member FREE
Student/non Member $5


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