SCRANTON-WILKES-BARRE, PA (December 2, 2021)—The American Advertising Federation (AAF) Northeast Pennsylvania Chapter recently held its annual live advertising competition, “CROPPED.” The competition included five teams of local professionals and student creatives who were assembled to compete against each other to create new advertising concepts for the local nonprofit that was selected—the Factoryville Fire Company.

The winning team from The University of Scranton consisted of team members including Sara Serrano, Miguel Augusto Valencia, and Claudia Campo Mirabent. The team was supervised by Stacy Smulowitz, Ph.D., associate professor and department chair for the Communications and Media department at The University of Scranton. FFCO assistant chief, Kevin Howard and Fleetville Fire Company, Michelle Larsh Ross, assisted in judging the competition.

The competition consisted of timed rounds, each featuring a different category. One team was eliminated at the end of each of the round, with the University of Scranton team emerging as the winner. The University of Scranton “CROPPED” winners will work on their finished campaign and will present it at the AAF Northeast Pennsylvania Chapter Board meeting in December 2021.

The Factoryville Fire Company (FFC) is located at its new facility at 412 College Avenue, Factoryville, Pa. The FFC supplies fire, rescue, and ambulance services to an area of approximately 172 square miles and serves approximately 3,300 residents within Factoryville Borough, Clinton Township, and portions of LaPlume Township. Additionally, the FFC provides ambulance coverage to Benton, Clinton, Lenox, Lathrop, and Nicholson townships, plus parts of LaPlume Township and Factoryville Borough. FFC’s coverage area is even larger now since it recently combined ambulance efforts with the Dalton Ambulance Company.

FFC has an established visual identity but submitted its entry as a local nonprofit so that it could have a new tool for visual communication, establish clear branding and shape a consistent message, communicate to a targeted geographic area, and use the new creative, “Protect Those You Love,” as an asset to drive volunteers and membership.

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