Best of Show

Leo Burnett Chicago – Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago – Unthink Magritte
Vince Cook, SVP Creative Director
Colin Selikow, SVP Creative Director
Mikal Pittman, SVP Creative Director
Britt Nolan, SVP Creative Director
Pete Lefebvre, Associate Creative Director / Copywriter
Mike Costello, Associate Creative Director / Digital Art Director
Nuno Ferreira, SVP Creative Director
Ben Steward, Associate Creative Director / Digital Art Director
Chris Ory, User Experience Director
Rob Allen, SVP Director of Technology
Greyson Purcell, Associate Technical Director
Derrick Shaw, Senior Software Engineer

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Judges’ Choice

BBDO New York – New York, NY
Foot Locker – HORSE With Harden
David Lubars /Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer
Chris Beresford-Hill/Dan Lucey, Executive Creative Director
Jesse Snyder/James Kuczynski/Tim Wassler/Ryan Lawrence, Associate Creative Director
David Rolfe, , Agency Producer
Joe Croson, Agency Producer
David Martinez, Agency Producer
Eric Bloom, , Agency Producer
Courtney Fallow, Agency Producer
Michael Gentile, Agency Producer
Janelle Van Wonderen, Account Manager
Nick Robbins, Account Manager
Samuel Henderson, Account Manager
Rhys Hillman, Brit Browning, Planner
The Kitchen, Production Agency
Lawrence Chen, Director
Tinx Chan, Director of Photography
Jonathan Hsu, Producer
Keith Vogelsong/Nick Divers, Editor
Apollo Studios, Music Company

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People’s Choice

Leo Burnett Chicago – Chicago, IL
Procter & Gamble – Always – #LikeAGirl
Judy John, Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director
Becky Swanson, Creative Director
Milos Obradovic, Digital Creative Director
AJ Hassan, Writer
Angel Capobianco, Writer
Hmi Hmi Gibbs, Art Director
Nick Bygraves, Art Director
Adine Becker, Agency Producer
Lauren Greenfield, Director

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Student Best of Show

Ihsuan Yeh & Elizabeth Hemingway
Academy of art University – San Francisco, CA
Ihsuan Yeh, Art Director
Elizabeth Hemingway, Strategist
James Pawlish, Photographer
Yu Luo, Film team
Xia Liang, Film team
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Student Judges’ Choice

Tim Wen
USC – Los Angeles, CA
Tim Wen, Writer/Director
Lindsey Villarreal, Co-Producer
Jesse Knapp, Co-Producer

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