On Thursday, April 27th, Rich Scott, CEO of Rich Scott Coaching will be joining AAF NEPA at The Scranton Club to offer tips on career advancement and the keys to social success through personal and professional development. Through coaching, Scott helps people overcome their fears, build self-confidence, establish trust and credibility, and build stronger relationships – maximizing potential by developing the abilities that already exist within them.

From Wall St. to his leadership positions in advertising, transportation & logistics, and financial services, Scott shows others how to succeed in the career of their choice through study and experience. Don’t miss out on professional advice from Northeast and Central PA’s most sought after professional speaker and facilitator at AAF NEPA’s spring installment of 20 Minutes & a Beer!

Thursday, April 27th: 6-7 p.m.
Lounge at the Scranton Club
404 N. Washington Ave, Scranton
(Located below POSH)

Members $5
Non Member $10
Student Member FREE
Student/non Member $3
* Must be 21 and over; Guests do not need to be a member of the Scranton Club.

Sponsored by The Scranton Club and Susquehanna Brewing Company