AAF NEPA Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

5:30 PM

The Lounge at the Scranton Club

Come join us at the Scranton Club for our monthly meeting. Our meetings are always open to our members so please joining us if you have ideas or concerns you’d like to voice regarding AAF NEPA.

About aafnepa

We are the only organization dedicated to promoting greater effectiveness in the use of advertising and fostering higher standards of practice in advertising and public communications. We are ad reps, designers, educators, publicists, web developers, printers, copywriters and much more. We are people that truly believe that what we do shapes our industry for the generations after us, and we want to preserve its integrity and all that it embodies. We are working together toward a better future in advertising. The AAF Northeast Pennsylvania is affiliated with the oldest and most recognized organization in the advertising industry — The American Advertising Federation.